John Plozza, Director of Proview Homes, has over 10 years experience in the building industry. He is also an experienced business owner, specialising in project management of all tradesmen, client/architect interaction and customer service. 

John is a qualified builder of whom prides himself on personally overseeing each and every project to ensure the desired outcomes are met and all expectations are exceeded.

Growing up in a farming community, John is known for his high morals and prides himself on possessing qualities such as honesty, reliability and integrity. His professional pledge has and always will be to support anyone he does business with whether it be a client or contractor. 



interior design

Proview Homes works alongside an energetic and creative Interior Design company, of whom will happily guide you through the design and selection process. If you find yourself stuck for ideas on the type of 'look' you desire, or you feel overwhelmed with the abundance of materials, finishes and colours; we'll ensure that you're at ease and will guide you through the gruelling process so that your end results look and feel the way you want them to.  We believe in providing a quality product and total satisfaction for our customers, making us the preferred builders in the Townsville region.

our team

We have nominated a team of subcontractors that are both qualified and experienced to complete the most complex and detailed projects. Our suppliers have also been carefully selected to provide the highest quality materials and service available in North Queensland in a timely and efficient manner.

Our team of subcontractors and suppliers are customer service focused and approachable. Not only does this provide a quality outcome, but an unsurpassed level of care throughout the construction process as well. 

This ensures an exceptional experience for all our customers, from start to finish.